Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The past

Alright,here are some of the long overdue photos.had been so busy.hai.

Let's start with Jarren's birthday which was last month

The adorable birthday boy(:


Attended Grand-uncle's 90th birthday dinner at peach garden.managed to get a few shots only
WARNING:What you are about to see can be very tempting.If you are hungry,either you grab something,sit in front of the computer,eat and read at the same time or you give it a miss and read it only with a full stomach next time.ha!

I dont know what is the name of the dish but it's fish with some cripsy thing at the top and veggie at the bottom.It's nice!

Peach Garden's specialty!It's baby lobster with quail eggs and noodles.

Dessert:Black Glutinous rice with coconut ice cream in a coconut!It's a cold dessert which makes it superb!

The 90th chocolate cupcake!(:

There were many other dishes but I was too lazy to take.ha!

Doing this for a friend.Do support them.till then

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