Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You,Me and A Bottle Of Wine

I had the intention to blog but I ended up playing pet society and word challenge in Facebook.hahas!I guess I better update before  I start losing all my readers.[actually,I think I am losing some already:/]But no choice,can't blame me.Had been busy.So I went online,I got people reminding me how many donkey yolks years since I last went online.alright alright,my bads.

6E'03 class BBQ cum gathering was alright.Didn't know that sitting at the beach for around an hour can freeze you for the whole day>.<>
At first,I wasn't really keen to go.After all,I lost all contacts with my primary school friends for like...4 years?[except RiSheng but we hardly talk yet we are in the same school so does that considers?]Anyway,I was still hesitating while sitting on the train.That is how fickle minded I can get.ha.So Tada!I waited around for an hour for them doing nothing except listening to music and my DS's battery died on me-.- 
So its lots of eating and chatting and photo taking and playing and eating and chatting and photo taking and playing and ...I think everyone had fun.OH OH OH!AND AND AND!We saw this super nice colourful,attractive,bla bla bla Cadbury Ferris Wheel at DownTown East!Can you believe it?I never step one foot into DownTown East before yet I call myself a Singaporean(''_) It sounds like a joke to me-.-

I finally created a FaceBook account!Like WOW!okok,let me explain.I didn't intend to get on but Sharon Poon tell me to create one so that we can play together with MooMoo Cow and Hei Xin Gan.I am a complete idiot in that.I dont even know where is the games section.Its alien to me and I need a pro to guide me.So whenever I ask you for help,please don't ignore/laugh/reject me horrrrrr!hahas!

I like this photo best!WHY?Cause......

cannot see my face!:D Everyone should know that I am not a photo person.So...TADA!hahas!:D

Oh ya and Joe,[I have no idea whether will you see this but to play safe]whatever that is between us is kept between us hor.If you forget,please don't bother to try to think so hard until you see double figures or check your handphone to remember.ha!BUT should you,under any circumstances,accidentally slipped a word out,please tell me straight away and don't keep me in the dark.This is a serious matter hor!

And lastly,

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