Friday, February 13, 2009

I had been so dense

Out with the girls yesterday like finally!But I was late and got the venue wrong.In short,I was really tired.ha.So we had lunch,movie(Brides war) and chat.I ended up yawning after the movie.Not that the movie was bad,it was pretty good and funny but I was just plain tired.After that,headed to Bedok to buy the earpiece and chatted with Joe till late.

Now looking back,I felt so silly that I can even laugh at myself for being so foolish.Now that I am so over you,I felt so much better and promise not to let myself get hurt by this kind of thing again.If it wasn't for that conversation,I don't know how long am I going to stay dumb.ha.
I think that you are arrogant now.

Australia or Singapore?:/

I dont like it here.I want to move away .this place sucks and I hate my brother,really cant wait to move out

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