Friday, February 6, 2009

But like a river always knows just where to flow

Read an interesting post from someone's blog and it kind of sets me thinking.IF that really happens to me,I guess I will do that phone call and spill my guts out.However,currently the case is different,I dont have the courage to do it and I still have a long way to go.I don't take risks and I don't do things that I am uncertain of the results.Well,that's me.

Had been in my own world
It's time to move on,I guess?

And Karyee told me that my present is rotting at her house.BUT I haven't bought her present yet!T.T Sorry!had been real busy!hahas!meet up soon with weiling and huiying alrighty?:D
It is supposed to be my off day today but Sharon fell sick and I need to take over her.You take care girl!(: And Sorry Jialin!I was supposed to meet you but had to cancel!psps!We will meet up soon alright!Got tons of things to plan!hahas!:D

Till then

I will forget you

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