Sunday, January 4, 2009


hellos people!It's 2009 already!hahas!Time to plan your new year resolutions!
Anyway,bought a book recently and oh my gosh!,this book is fantastic and hilarious!Seriously,I read it on the bus and many times I had to stifle my laughters in case people thinks I am crazy,laughing over a book to myself.If I really laugh it out,i will look dense!

Reading this book makes me realize that I haven't been reading for a long long time.It's like I am always caught up with work and stuff.hai.I need to find time to head off to the library soon.
I also noticed another thing.I hate commitments.That explains many many things.hai.I think it has something got to do with my personalities.Oh my gosh,this is not a good sign la!
And crap,I miss doing homeworks and attending school-.-

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