Friday, December 19, 2008

There are always 2 stars in the sky

There are many stars tonight
Inspirations flew in 
but flew off when my fingers hit the keypads


Muhahas!I know what is Ben's weakness!AND I am going to use it against him!
KW knows my weakness and he had been disturbing me ever since.
BUT!I found a way against him and I had been disturbing him throughout the whole night!
and he was nice to play along,making both of us LOL hard

C:Hey my friend,don't feel so upset about it.The most you just fly to korea to look for her lor.
KW:I am working hard now to save money for an air ticket to korea.

OMGosh la!There are too many funny conversations.

Tsk!I think I am learning all the bad things from them and I find myself turning evil

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