Friday, December 26, 2008

Sometimes,we just have to look deeper

A birthday cake cum Christmas cake cum thank you gift

So on the 24Dec around 11 plus at night,me and my cousin got bored while waiting for christmas to arrive.So using my cousin's handphone camera,we took a lot of pictures and the whole thing makes both of us laugh very very very hard.

Seriously,I am very thankful that I have an extremely drama queen cousin who is so funny and always play along with my wild and crazy ideas.Girl,you rocks.hahas!

I should be in my lala land by now.I still need to get up early tomorrow.oh dear,lack of sleep again.zzz
Great,Christmas is over and I haven't even go for my christmas shopping.Tsk.I think I will do it tomorrow:/

So they are not what I thought they are to be.Damn,sometimes I wished I can be more observant and not always being that naive.This is not going to be too hard for me to handle...yes?no?Oh,I dont know!

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