Saturday, September 13, 2008

And with that...

I did study,see.But life is not always a bed of roses.Beneath are thorns.They poke and that's when reality slaps you hard on the face.Ouch.

I wonder how's Dewi.Didn't find time to hang out with her before she leave and now she's at the another end of the world.[I think] She is one lucky girl.Gosh,I miss you girl!T.T
Haven't been talking to you ever since our last encounter.Keep in contact alrighty?Be sure to let me know when you return!

I think this probably will be my last post till the Os are over.I need to pull up my socks for Os.That noisy alarm sure woke me up from my dreams.zzz.

Last but not least,

Oh no,I am N-O-T jealous at all,not even one bit.

Thanks for listening to my ravings and ranting, Mr Cool!hahas!

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