Monday, August 18, 2008

Expect the unexpected,Plan for the worst

Saturday 16/08
Tuition in the morning.Afterwards,headed to some DBS building in shenton way for CARPENTER'S TOOLS INTERNATIONAL CONCERT!whoo!!Carpenter's tools simply rocks!hahas!This is like the second time I went?The first time was Carpenter's Tools Australia.Remembered that I went with TWL,Kaya and Huiying.
So the few of us sat right at the back-as in like the last row!Vivian,my brother's bestie and my very new-but-like-old friend,sat next to me and she made me laugh non-stop![something that I am good at.Hhmm.]

Right.They are just simply fab.Never fail to enjoy the concert.Then the three of us headed to Vivo.Me and Vivian were talking non-stop like very very old friends and guess what?My brother got jealous!Muhahas!It's just that we have lots in common!We chatted about _ and realised that we actually have the same thinking and thoughts!But what shocked me the most was that when she asked me about ~!And it was my big-mouth brother who told her!Argh!Henderson is a scary school!The rumours there spread like wild fire!must avoid at all cost!
Anyway,went to this restaurant for dinner to celebrate grandmamma's birthday!:D

Introducing...The fried OYSTER!Oysters fans,continue reading as I continue typing.To enjoy the fullest taste of this dish,you must wrap the cabbage around the oyster and eat it together!It's crispy on the outside yet chewy on the inside.The oyster taste is not that strong due to the salted egg.Marvellous dish!:)

Next up!The pork rib.At first I thought that it was a duck drumstick.Anyway,another superrb dish!It will leave you craving for more!:D

This tofu may look SIMPLE but it's more than that!You must eat it down with the tofu,veggie and those shredded fried scallops.Hhmm.Yummy!

Last but not least,we have the noodles that crosses the bridge![direct translation from chinese]It looks SPICY but it's HARMLESS!Another must-try dish!:D

After dinner,headed for coffee and then it was home!:)

Sunday 17/08
Congrats to Alexandra[a.k.a alex] and Jerrold for being baptised!
Headed to church in the morning to witness alex & jerrold 's baptism.At usual,worship session was wild in a good way. Sorry Chloe!for not finishing my book on time to lend it to you!Will pass it to you next sunday!:] Lend me your books too okaryyyy??!!(:
Went home for lunch and cycled to east coast.Hhmm but lady luck was my enemy today and it rained-not in a cat and dog way but sun rain,bad for health,can get fever easily.Hanged around,hoping for the rain to stop but no luck.Cycled back,grabbed a shower and headed down to SGH to visit my aunt who is in hopsital.She got stone in her stomach and need to undergo an operation.Take careees!

Monday 18/08
Had english oral today.Strange as it seems BUT I wasn't even nervous at all.All I wanted was to get it over and done with.It's not that difficult though but the 2 teachers were very nice.Great.I got sore throat and cough from my brother and flu from the sunny rain.3-in-1 package.Hope that this doesn't affect my performance.Really hope to get a distinction for english oral!*fingers crossed* I don't want it to be like chinese oral which is like SO UNEXPECTED LAAAAAA!

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