Saturday, July 5, 2008

Touching Love Story!

Wish 2 Wish - SENS

Hellos!A very nice touching love story to share with everyone[along with the music].Visit this webby to read a few chapters on it.The title of the book is: I believe you.This book is not sold in any bookstore but only in that online bookstore.Think I am gonna get it.And yes,I almost weep.[Surprise?So do I!]

Anyway,here's the summary:
Joanna Fung is the envy of many girls: She studies at a top Junior College, has a girl-next-door look and has good results. However, deep on her heart, she holds a secret: She believes that she has a curse. She believes that every bad thing she said will come true.

Jacky Wu is an ideal price charming: He is good in his studies and has girls waiting to hold his hand. He smiles every few minutes and often cracks jokes. However, he, too, holds a deep secret.

When their paths crossed, an unexpected romantic love story takes place...


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