Friday, June 27, 2008

What rotten luck(s)!

Oh yes.what rotten luck(s) I am receiving now.My littlest toe got blister-ed and eventually,the skin tore.OUCH.But that's not all.As the time goes by,it started to swell.This is way OFF.And now,I can't wear shoes.zzz.Secondly,the old injury for my leg came back and it all happened on the same foot!-.- Sweet niblets!My other foot got blister-ed too!But it's not that bad though.
School started,anxieties are rushing in,stress is returning to find a prey to land on again.When will this ever end?The worse is...I didn't know when is O level MT oral until yesterday.Great huh.Time is flying by too quicky and tons of work are left un-done/un-teach/un-revised.argh!!

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