Friday, February 1, 2008

It's never the same

It looks like Mr Stress is smiling on me now.eek.I hate the way he smiles at me.He freaks me out.
Anyway, all I know is I need my sleep. I am bone tired from everything.

By the end of January,I realised/discovered a few stuffs:
1) The life of Sec5 is tougher than I thought:/
2) I can't get enough sleep in 2008
3) I need time management
4) Chinese APs are seriously a waste of time
5) I am looking forward to the end of O levels
6) I need to do something about my gastric problems
7) I need to get used to the life of having tests and tons of homework
8) My addicts for books are back
9) I haven't been playing audition for the past...erm...I don't know,quite a long time
10) That things will never be the same again

Alright. I need to get back to the books again. till then(:

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