Sunday, January 13, 2008


Saturday and Sunday were wonderful.Bought tons of stuffs!:)
H-A-P-P-Y K-I-D!:D
I have finally bought my Adidas shoebag!Wow,after for so long! And And I had finally also bought my Adidas deodorant.That's also like after so long.It pays to be patient!(: headed to PS with pearl and met her mum for lunch at pastamania. Then went Ripcurl and I spent again on a tee.waa~ BUT that was a nice tee so its worth it:D
Went to aunt house.She cut my fringe for me and I look horrible!;( Dont laugh when you see me tomorrow.anyway,uncle got a new car and it was pretty cool.heh.its comfy and highh.
Headed to harbourfront and bought a top and pants from G2 bl├╣.Awww.thanks aunt a lot!:D Went to airport terminal 3 cause my uncle is flying off to some part of china and it was niceee.Then went to Orchard to look for flats.Managed to find one and I think I will grow to fall in love with it;I hope:/
That dumb brother of mine kept irrating me.ARGH.I think 3/4 of my deodorant is gone,thanks to him!>.<
I set my eyes on a pair of New Balance Shoes!I hope to get it asap!(: And And And also,It was love at first sight with a Fila bag! Oh and I need to get another shoulder bag for those 'girly' outfits.
There are so many things to buy but so little money!:(
Till then,Ciao!:D

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